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About Us


Search among thousands of venues to host your next event. Filter results by map/location, theme, features.


Ask for quotes. Discuss availability and pricing directly with owners/property managers. No middleman, no extra fees.


Meet on site and organize your event directly with owners/managers. Take care of every detail and plan for a successful event.

All Places for All Events

PlaceReady helps you find the perfect venue where to host your next event. Whether you are a full time event planner or just searching for the right place for your upcoming birthday party or wedding, PlaceReady’s goal is to help you find it and put you in touch directly with the person in charge of renting the venue of your choice.

Developed by seasoned hospitality industry professionals, PlaceReady also aims at helping owners/managers by generating leads and increasing their rate of occupancy. Our team of developers strives to constantly improve the system in order to facilitate contact between potential guests and venues owners/managers.

We are always interested in your feedback, so please do not hesitate to let us know if we missed a category, a feature or any important update that you would like to see on PlaceReady.com.