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5,000 + venues. Thousands of planned events.

The perfect place for your next event should not be hard to find. Because our goal is to build the largest collection of event venues, we made it easy for you to find places available for birthdays, weddings, corporate events, photo or film shoots and you can plan your next event easily.

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Find your next event space.

Whether planning an event in your hometown or across the world, for instance, find the perfect board room, wedding venue, hotel, private residence or photo studio. Filter by venue, location, rating and price. Easily find business or kid-friendly venues. Great views are a few taps away.

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Get the details before you book.

Browse places for your next business meeting, birthday party, photo shoot as well as places reviews, photos contributed by a community of event planners, coordinators, individuals and more.

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Join a growing community of 3 million event organizers and planners

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